Sweet, tender and delicious locally grown and fresh picked, our asparagus grown at Ter-Lee Gardens is picked at the peak of perfection, and sold directly from the farm to you at Bemidji Farmers' Market and the Bagley Farmers' Market, Minnesota. Tender, Delicious Asparagus!

Asparagus! The GEM of spring!

It is a small part of our produce operation, but one of the tastiest! We start picking in the month of May, just as soon as the first tender shoots appear (about the same time as the dandelions arrive) and can pick for about six weeks.

We hand pick and snap each spear just above the ground to harvest only the tenderest portion of each spear. The thickness of the stalk does not affect the tenderness. Our cooler northern Minnesota climate produces sweet asparagus. The purple color on the tips indicates high sugar content. These sugars are retained by quick chilling in our cooler to keep the sugars from turning to starches. You are buying directly from the farm so there is no lag-time or warehouse storage--you get only the freshest, most tender asparagus.

Hand-picked to assure tenderness, you'll love the aspagus from Ter-Lee Gardens, Bagley, MinnesotaCultural Practices

Asparagus is not a commonly grown crop in northern Minnesota, so we have no major disease or insect problems. No fungicides or insecticides are used, and very minimal weed control needs to be used. No chemicals ever touch the asparagus that you eat. Picking must stop by the end of June to allow the plant to store nutrients for the winter.




We appreciate asparagus as a healthful vegetable. It is a member of the Lily family, and is a fat-free and cholesterol-free food extremely low in calories, at about 20 calories per serving. It is nutrient dense, being an excellent source of Folate (folic acid), which is needed in cell formation, besides having notable levels of Vitamins A, B6, and C, potassium, iron, thiamine, and fiber, yet being very low in sodium. It also contains glutathione, a powerful anticarcinogen and antitoxin.


Asparagus should always be refrigerated until used. If you are going to keep asparagus for any length of time we suggest it be stood upright in a shallow pan in 1" of water in the refrigerator. Change the water daily. Asparagus stored in this way can be kept for two weeks or more without loss of quality.

Preparing Your Asparagus



The purple heads show the high, delicious natural sugar content of these tender aspagus spears from Ter-Lee Gardens, Bagley, MinnesotaAsparagus can be steamed using a steamer, or stand it upright in a deep pan with 1" of water & cover. Steam not more than 10 minutes. DO NOT OVERCOOK! If you like it crisp, try 5 minutes.

It can also be covered with water in a pan, brought to a boil, the heat turned off and let set for 5 to 10 minutes, drained and served. For the microwave, place 1 lb. in a shallow glass baking dish with 1/2 in. water and cover with plastic wrap. Cook for 5 to 7 minutes on high. For lesser amounts, use a shorter time.


Serve the asparagus plain, buttered with salt and pepper, with a dash of lemon juice, dill weed, marjoram, savory, mace, buttered crumbs, cheese sauce or hollandaise sauce.

Oven Roasting

Arrange spears in a single layer on a cookie sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper or seasonings of your choice. Bake uncovered at 425F for 15 to 20 min. Can be garnished with fresh grated Parmesan cheese.

Raw Asparagus

Try eating it raw; the taste resembles delicious sweet fresh baby peas. It makes a great addition to any salad. Asparagus is great added to stir-fries too.

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